New location, and tons of events!

Are you ready for October and fall?! We are! On Main Street there is A LOT of activity during the month of October from the Church Street Craft Show, Apple Festival, and Treats on the Street not to mention the fact that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month so we will be mobile for many Saturday’s. Be sure to check out our Community page for all the upcoming events in our area.

We have lots of pink ribbon items for all your “support” events.  Ok, phew now… Let me just say something about our move and getting to Main Street: it is NOT like moving a home..AT ALL! When you move a home you can live out of boxes until your little heart is content or you get tired of paper cuts shin high.  However, when you move a business everything has to be in place and perfect ASAP.

EEEK!!! It’s crazy and exhausting but with insane hours and help from my family and friends we did it just for you :).  I hope you are loving the new location and selection of items that I’m now able to bring you.  As Pink Regalia continues to grow I want to hear what we can do to better serve our community so never hesitate to just stop by and let us know.  We “heart” our clients!